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Venerable Master Ri-Chang

”As long as you won’t quit, I will accompany you until the end of the journey!"

About Our Teacher

Our teacher and our lineage are from the eminent Buddhist master, Venerable Ri-Chang. He was the pioneer who brought the invaluable Tibetan Buddhist teaching of “The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment” to Chinese Buddhist communities around the world.  He skillfully rendered this profound ancient doctrine in contemporary ways that can benefit the multitude. Innovatively, he created a Buddhist culture that foster personal growth and social harmony through education, morality, environmental care, and spiritual wellness. 

Venerable Ri-Chang (Tibetan name: Tanzen Jamchen 1929-2004) was born in the Chongming county of Jiangsu province, China. His father taught him to recite Confucius’ teachings of ‘The Four Books’ and ‘The Five Classics’ when he was a child. His father also encouraged him to become a monk of wisdom and compassion in order to benefit other living beings.

He assumed monastic life and was ordained in 1965 at Yuan-Guang Monastery in Taiwan. Throughout his life, he was alwaysinspired by the great teachings and virtues of the Sages. He studied extensively from many Buddhist masters. Initially trained in the Mahayana (Great Vehicle) school, he later studied Tibetan Buddhism in India and received the traditional Lamrim (dharma) transmission from his teacher, Gen Lobzang Gyatso.

Exemplifying high morality, he observed strict precepts throughout his life.  He also was a known scholar and practitioner of the Vinaya, or school of ethical discipline, called South Mountain. 

Venerable Ri-Chang’s most influential work was the transmitting of “Lamrim Chenmo”. He recognized early on that this comprehensive teaching on the stages of the path to enlightenment was the most important doctrine that can immensely benefit today’s practitioners, whom lacking such guidance, would be easily lost or go astray in this chaotic time of “dharma degeneration”. For over three decades, he put forth tremendous efforts to disseminate this doctrine to Buddhist communities around the world, making it one of most widely followed and practiced spiritual path today. His followers and students have successfully developed the largest sangha group in North America. 

From the Dharma Works he has established, Venerable Ri-Chang was truly a  practitioner  who walked the path as he taught it.  His most powerful commitment to his disciples was, and still remains: ”As long as you won’t quit, I will accompany you until the end of the journey (of ultimate enlightenment)”.

He was a beloved teacher whose every thought and every action were for the sake of bringing true happiness to all sentient beings. His spirit and the promise to return dwell in the hearts of all whom he touched, enabling them to continue the path towards enlightenment, and to help others do so along the way.

Identify your Spiritual Mentor at The Lamrim

If you are in need of a spiritual mentor to help on your journey to enlightenment, then The Lamrim is the place for you. We offer excellent learning sessions led by knowledgeable Buddhist educators. Our collective is devoted to aiding people such as yourself gain insight into living, building better connections, and experiencing enduring joy.

Investigate Collaborative Learning Environments with Seasoned Buddhist Instructors Nearby

The Lamrim brings people of multiple backgrounds together who deeply desire to understand the truth and gain perpetual joy. We have set up instructional circles in different centers, each run by an experienced Buddhist mentor. These learned instructors will moderate conversations and help you to reach a thorough comprehension of Lamrim Chenmo. Not only will you gain a full grasp of its teachings, but also discover how to use these concepts in your daily life. Our classes are available to everyone, no matter the age or place they're in. No matter your location, we welcome you to join us on this transformative experience.

Gain Insight into Lamrim Chenmo with a Skilled Buddhist Educator
The Lamrim Chenmo, a seminal Tibetan Buddhist composition composed by Tsongkhapa in 1402, serves as the fundamental basis of our study course. This canonical work summarizes Buddha's teachings into a systematic progression of spiritual and ethical habits necessary for transitioning from mortal beings to divine entities. Lamrim Chenmo provides both useful advice and deep understanding that can revolutionize your life experiences.

Directed by Knowledge and Kindness: Our Method for Spiritual Education

Partner with Skilled Buddhist Instructors in Our Study Groups

Joining our learning groups brings about great transformations within you. Our participants usually undergo a massive change, attaining heightened positivity, assurance, knowledge, and compassion. Our classes provide a sense of delight and contentment, no matter the age or area. The transformative consequences of our study groups reaches beyond any limitations of space or time.

Discover Your Buddhist Mentor Now

Are you geared up to locate your spiritual coach? At The Lamrim, we supply a favorable atmosphere where you can interact with proficient Buddhist instructors who will certainly lead you on your journey towards insight and also enduring joy. No matter if you lean towards face-to-face study groups nearby or web-based sessions, we offer the chance to bond with devoted participants and discover the instructor who connects with your desires.

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