Ultimate Self Improvement Through a Buddhist Wisdom Course

A Journey Towards Greater Confidence, Positivity, Wisdom, and Kindness

We can help you reach goals of improved relationships, joyfulness, and spiritual liberation. Our program is centered around “The Great Treatise on the Stages of The Path to Enlightenment”, also referred to as “Lamrim”. This masterpiece is held as supreme in the world, because it lays out the complete path to enlightenment in the most clear, logical and concise way. It details the gradual steps of practice, taking everyday people to holiness and, ultimately, achieving Buddhahood.
It offers practical guidance for all stages of life and is indispensable for those seeking truth and lasting happiness.  It is an enlightening journey of self-discovery.

Discover Enduring Happiness with Buddhist Wisdom

Our renowned Lamrim Course is revolutionary because it will let you learn the deep principles of Buddhism in an easy to understand, practical, and structured way.  It empowers you to integrate Buddha’s timeless wisdom into your daily life, enabling you to achieve your aspirations or cultivate lasting joy and inner peace.

With dynamic conversations, introspective trainings, and real-world examples and videos, our courses strengthens you to build your development and complete your view on life. Examine concepts of non-permanence, karma principles, love, and wishes; while learning about reality, agony, and how to achieve freedom, and how to incorporate these teachings into our day-to-day life. We’ll also uncover ways to overcome obstructions, cultivate deeper connections, and sustain happiness despite life’s peaks and valleys.

Distinguished Teacher

We are honored to have our Director of Dharma Ms. Elaine Lo teaching this year’s class. Elaine mentors hundreds, and her influence extends beyond her role as the founder and CEO of a prominent American brand. She also leads her own charitable foundation. She has dedicated her life to the study of Buddhism, establishing herself as a distinguished Lamrim teacher, and has trained under China’s most esteemed Zen masters in meditation.
Her teaching style is unique, blending Western scientific methodologies with Eastern philosophy and culture. Elaine’s classes are refreshing, easy to understand yet deep, and always brimming with positive energy, gratitude, and humor. Elaine has virtually revolutionized the teaching of Dharma, attracting hundreds of Buddhists to her classes and setting attendance records each year. Her classes are in high demand, so be sure to reserve your spot before seats fill up.

Please Join our Next class on July 27, 2024 ~
Bi-weekly Class on (Every other) Saturday @ 2 PM (PST) California Time.
Location:  Online Course via Zoom
Questions? Ask Here, or Text to: 1-833-415-0468
Courses are charitable and Free of fees

Be Part of a Great Community and Pursue Enlightenment

You will join our passionate group of people who strive for knowledge and illumination. It is so precious to walk the path with other seekers of truth, and to receive support & counsel from seasoned practitioners. Delve into the profundity of Buddhism and gain the advantage of being part of a community with pure dharma lineages.

Make Your Life Magnificent

Our study groups have had a tremendous effect on people’s lives, cultivating an increased morale, faith, wisdom, and compassion. Most members have noticed dramatic alterations in their lives, feeling a deep immersion in joy and serenity every day.
As you continue your learning, you will observe a remarkable shift inside of yourself. The practices of Buddhism, together with a supportive atmosphere, will enable you to release undesirable habits, accept long-term joyfulness, and establish a deeper awareness of aim and satisfaction in life.

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Key Topics Covered:

  • How to communicate & pave the path to wisdom.
  • The fastest and the most potent key to success.
  • How to win mentors and benefactors in life.
  • Grasp a rare opportunity of a leisure human life.
  • Understand impermanence, overcome greed and apathy.
  • The different life forms in the six realms of universe.
  • Seeking the most qualified and precious reliance in life.
  • Understanding all causes and effects – Karma rules.
  • Carving out your dream life and destiny.
  • Unveiling the true nature of life- the Four Noble Truths.
  • The 12 causes for never-ending reincarnation life.
  • Develop a mind of enlightenment with compassion.
  • How to make all good wishes come true.
  • Gain a rich and joyful life through perfecting generosity.
  • How to cultivate an unyielding endurance.
  • How to always improve and advance in life.
  • Using meditation to develop strong mind power, ability and serenity.
  • Finally learn “emptiness”, the most profound wisdom of universe.

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