Buddhist Studies and Meditation Training

At The Lamrim, we offer a diverse range of Buddhism courses and activities that provide comprehensive teachings to help you learn and deepen your understanding of Buddhism. Our expert instructors are dedicated to guiding you on your spiritual journey, empowering you to cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and compassion. Join our vibrant community and explore the transformative power of Buddhist meditation and study groups.

Lamrim Study Groups

Deepen your understanding of Buddhist teachings through our Lamrim study groups. Explore timeless texts and profound concepts that illuminate the path to liberation. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and contemplations with fellow practitioners, fostering a deeper integration of the Dharma into your daily life. Our study groups offer a space for exploration, reflection, and meaningful connections with others on the path.

Buddhist Wisdom Master's Course

This is our very best Essense of Buddhism teachings taught by CEOs and masters and in the lamrim world!

Master's classes are easy to understand, and are always filled with positive energy, gratitude, and laughters. We invite the top luminaries of the Lamrim teachers to lead the class, teachings will be down to earth and focus in the area of balancing of career with personal growth and happiness. Just Started!

Online & Live Group Meditations

Experience the power of authentic Buddhist meditation in our center, or with our online meditation Zoom meetings. Join our community and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Buddhist meditation. Engage in group discussions, receive guidance from experienced teachers, and experience the collective energy of meditating together. Our meditation group provides a supportive environment for your practice and personal growth.

Join The Lamrim Group and unlock the transformative potential of Buddhist meditation and online study groups. Enroll now to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by master teachers and a supportive community.

Experience the profound benefits of learning Buddhism, cultivating mindfulness, and connecting with others who share your spiritual aspirations. Discover the power of guided Buddhist meditation and the transformative energy of group practice with us.

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