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We are a global fellowship of devoted Buddhist adherents focused on aiding you in learning Buddhism and understanding life with more insight. We have constructed one of the most superior study group frameworks internationally, granting exceptional potential for personal advancement and spiritual growth. We believe that ultimate happiness is attained only with thorough understanding of life. We are a nonprofit charity, therefore, all of our courses are free!

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Learn Buddhist Teachings from master instructors in Los Angeles and virtually

We are here to help you reach your goals of improved relationships, joyfulness, and spiritual knowledge. Our educational program is centered around Tsongkhapa's 1402 work, The Great Treatise on the Stages of The Path to Enlightenment, also referred to as Lamrim Chenmo. This ancient Buddhist writing encapsulates the essense of Buddha's lessons in a easy to understand structure, offering insightful directions throughout life.

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Participate in Free Lamrim Study Sessions for Long-Lasting Joy

We host multiple collections of students around the world, with a major concentration in California. Our teachers are highly trained and create an atmosphere conducive to engaging dialogue about The Great Treatise. With the learnings, you will know how to implement Buddhism into your life.

Our Buddhist study groups have had a tremendous effect on people's lives, cultivating an uplift in their morale, faith, knowledge, and compassion. Most members have noticed dramatic alteration in their lives, feeling a deep immersion in joy and serenity every day.

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No matter how old you are or where you are, delightful alterations await you. Whether you are in LA or someplace else, our Buddhist web group offers a friendly welcome for all. Gather with us to study Buddhism, establish relationships with those who share similar interests, and explore the route for continuous joy.

Commence Your Expedition towards Realization

Start your exploration for self-growth, knowledge, and joy by enrolling in The Lamrim Study Groups today and access the beneficial influence of Buddhism. Explore the insightful teachings, build permanent relationships, and uncover the happiness generated from living a enlightened life.

We look forward to having you with us.

Follow along this extraordinary journey of wisdom and uncover the genuine meaning of life through Buddhism.

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