Everlasting Happiness Comes from Wisdom

We are a group of earnest Buddhist practitioners and we have established one of the best Study Group structures worldwide for learning Buddhism! 

We are dedicated for people who want to understand life on a deeper level; whether you are just looking for ways to get along better with friends & family and feel happier, or you are actually looking for the ultimate wisdom, you will find help here. 

Get Enlightened!

Our study course is based on “The Great Treatise on the Stages of The Path to Enlightenment”, better known as “Lamrim Chenmo”. It is a sacred masterpiece created by the Tibetan Buddhist master Tsongkhapa in 1402. 

This famous ancient Buddhist Commentary contains all the essence of Buddha’s teachings.

It lays out the stages of spiritual and moral practices that help us evolve from ordinary people into sainthood, and finally attaining Buddhahood. It has practical guidance for everyone in all stages of life; it is the most useful for any person who is seeking for truth and lasting happiness. 

We form many study groups at various centers. 
A qualified teacher will facilitate group discussions and guide us in studying and exploring The Great Treatise. The group will learn how to apply those principles in daily life. 

And the results? 

For most people, after joining the study group, they became much more positive, confident, wiser and kinder, and experience a paradigm shift of feeling much joy and bliss in their everyday life. 

Beautiful changes will happen does not matter what age or location you are at. We look forward to you joining us!

Look for our new Lamrim courses Coming 2023!

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